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      1. 以a-開頭的形容詞用法新探

        以a-開頭的形容詞用法新探 • aground

        本站特約作者 李翔

        一、aground 的用法

        ■基本義:(指船)擱淺 (of ships) touching the bottom in shallow water


        The tanker was / went / ran aground. 油船擱淺了。

        We were winning the boat race until our boat went aground (on an sand bank). 我們快要贏得這次賽艇比賽時,突然我們的船擱淺了。

        When it ran aground, they lost heart. 當戰爭遇到挫折時,他們就失去了信心。


        However, one of them woke sooner than the other, finding the boat too fast aground for him to stir it.后來,兩個人中的一個比另外一個先醒過來,看見小船已經擱了淺,推又推不動。

        ■作后置定語 例如:

        a ship aground offshore 在岸邊擱淺的輪船

        二、aground 的搭配

        be / get / go / run aground (船)擱淺, 觸礁; 受阻

        Their plans for building a dormitory have run aground as they are short of money. 因為資金短缺,他們建一座宿舍的計劃擱淺了。

        Oil is gushing from the tanker which ran aground on the reef. 原油正不斷地從那條觸礁的油船里涌出來。