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      1. 以a-開頭的形容詞用法新探·akin



        1. 基本詞義:近似,有關系(similar; related)

        2. 作表語。如:

        Pity and love are closely akin. 憐憫近乎愛。

        Listening to his life story is akin to reading a good adventure novel. 聽他的生活經歷近乎讀一部冒險小說。

        3. 作賓語補足語。如:

        They debase the polished and current language of books, by the vile alloy of provincial idioms, and colloquial barbarism, the shame of grammar, making it akin to any language, rather than English. 他們公然想使文學淪為俗流,用亂七八糟的方言、粗野的土話、難登大雅之堂的文法以敗壞現今出版物中典雅的文字,使之不倫不類,就是不像英文。

        4. 作后置定語。例如:

        They speak a language akin to French. 他們說一種近乎法語的語言。


        1. 用于be akin to sth,如:

        My friend's feelings are akin to mine. 我那位朋友的感受和我相近。

        2. 用于closely akin,如:

        This game is closely akin to rugby. 這種運動非常類似橄欖球。

        3. 用于somewhat akin,如:

        But actually drawing the stripe — a winner of multiple Emmy Awards for technical achievement — is a high-tech trick somewhat akin to the “blue screen” used to superimpose computer-generated maps behind television weather forecasters. 但真正畫出這條線的是某種高科技手法(曾多次獲得艾美獎的技術成就獎),有點類似電視氣象報告中用來疊印在電腦地圖上的“藍幕”技術。

        4. something akin to sth,如:

        Huei-fang just stood there and gazed at them, while an indescribable mixture of feelings tumbled through her mind: something akin to gladness — or was it desolation? It was both of these and a sort of empty, yearning besides. 四小姐看得呆了;像是快慰,又像是悲愴,更像是異常酸癢的味兒一齊在她心里翻滾!